About Hewco

Hobbyist developer for the
Commodore 64 & Vic 20,
founder of Ovine and draws
Awful Jokes every day on Facebook.

Andy H

Game creator; Cartoonist; Obeys the cat.

Like many around my age, the early days of home computers made a big impact on me. They transformed an ordinary television into something magical I could control. The games at that time, while basic, were incredible. Better still I could program my own — creating little characters and commanding them to move around the screen to my designs. The enjoyment of making games has never gone away, and Hewco is an outlet for me to return to my roots and make games for the early 8-bit computers.

In recent times I made some games with Ovine by Design, a name in part coined from a cartoon sheep character I use to doodle on our pub quiz answer sheet.

Jump ahead more recently to 2015 and Awful Jokes was born from the combination of discovering Autodesk Sketchbook and the left overs of a bunch of Christmas cracker jokes. I've been doodling a new cartoon every day since then.

Ovine by Design

Ovine by Design was formed by Andy and Stu to remake some of our favourite games from the classic 8 bit and 16 bit era. One of our early remakes, Imogen, a quirky BBC micro game, received some positive feedback including a mention on the Sky One show called Gamezville.

Ovine at R3PLAY in Blackpool, 2010

We were later joined by Trevor 'Smila' Storey and Andrew Nixon who brought with them their exceptional talents and enthusiasm for creating retro remakes. Most of Ovines games can download from the website.


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I’ve always loved doodling little cartoons for as long as I can remember. Awful Jokes started after finding some jokes left over from a bunch of Christmas crackers one year. I put them into cartoon form and posted them for my daughter on Facebook. The next day I drew another, and then another, and have been doing that ever since.

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